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How to archive ?

Ouistee offer an Archive functionality, that allow to save all your data into a single and portable .ee file. It does include the entire database, with all attached media files (images...). You can keep it safe into a backup / portable device (hard drive, USB stick, computer, cloud storage).

1) Create an archive

- Go to the menu Archive > Create an Archive

- A file system browser appears, choose where to save the archive file and click on 'Open'.

You get a .ee file that you can keep for backup purpose or in order to open your database in another computer.

2) Restore an archive

- Go to the menu Archive > Restore from archive

- You are warn that the restore process will delete all the current data. Choose 'Proceed' to go further.

- A file system browser appears, then locate the .ee file and choose 'Open'.

Once the operation is complete, all previous data are overridden with the one from the archive, and you are ready to use Ouistee again. The archive file is not modified by the process, you can still keep it for a later use.