Browse data

Browse your data.

Ouistee give you tow ways for browsing your data : The card view (the default view), and the list view

1) The card view

This is the default view you get when entering into the data mode.

In this place you are able to modify all the data (Add, remove, update…). Each card (or record) is display in a singe page, showing the same structure you have defined into the edit mode. On the top of the card you can find all the commends you need to manage your data :

  • Button "add" (number 1 into the image 1). Allow to add a new card.
  • Button "remove" (number 2), to remove a card.
  • A Slider (number 3) to quickly navigate throught the cards.
  • A left and right arrows, to also navigate throught the cards.

By default, when entering into the data mode, the most resent card is displayed.

Image 1.

  • The list view is a good way to quickly browse your data, scrolling thought a grid. You access it clicking on "View by List" (number 5, image 1).
  • note | Once clicked, the "View by List" button change to "View By Card", allowing to switch back to the Card view.
  • note | The list is opened on the data index currently selected into the card view.
  • note | The button "View by list" is available once you have at least one card saved.
  • In the List view, each row is a card.
  • The list view is a single column list, each line is a card. You can choose witch data to display by clicking on the configuration panel (button 1, image 3).

Image 2

Image 3.

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