CSV import

CSV import.

OuisteePlus only.

CSV is is very common export format available in all the softwares using tabular data (Excel). Ouistee is able to use this format to create an all new Collection, with its structure and data.

1) From the dashboard click on « Import ».

You get a first screen where you have to choose the separator used in the CSV file you are going to use. (default is « ; »). By clicking on « Please choose the file » you are invited to find your file in your computer.

2) Now you are on the screen that allow to setup the import : 

  • Check the box « The first line is for label » if the header of the CSV file is dedicated to label.
  • The table does preview the import result for the first data line of the CSV file. The first column shoes the label, the second the data and the last one the Element that will be used for the line. You can choose between different Elements that use textual data (Text, Text With Label, Email...).

3) The button « Proceed » will lead you, after a process time, back to the dashboard, with your new Collection ready to be used.