Attachment Element

Attachements Element.

OuisteePlus only.

The Element Attachment allows to attach one or more files to your Collection's Cards. 

1) Once dropped on the Workspace, go to the Data mode (« End Editing » on the top menu bar).

2) On the top right of the Element, you can find two buttons. Click on them to browse your computer and locate the file to attach :

  • Link : link a file to the Card. In this case, Ouistee only keep a reference to the file on your computer. This is the preferred way to do, because it saves the database weight of Ouistee. If you archive Ouistee and open the Collection in another computer, the link will be broken (except if you have the same file at the same place).
  • Attach : the file is copied into the Collection's database. This will increase the database weight, but the file will be incorporated in the Archive. So the Collection is fully portable.

You can on the same card store both kind of files. The link is flagged with a specific icon (the little chain, see image). 

On the right of each line (representing a file) you can find an action button : 

  • For the Link, an eye allows to reveal the file on the computer.
  • For the file imported, you can get the file back on your computer, at the place of your choice.

On the left of each line, the cross icon allow to delete the file (for the link, only the link in Ouistee will be removed, not the file on the computer).