The Elements.

The Element define a peace of user interface that you can drop in the Workspace to build the Structure of your Collection.

1) Select an Element in the list of Element.

The place where the Element is able to be dropped is highlighted. You can insert the new Element between two already dropped Elements (click to drop). Once the Elements is dropped, you can still move it by selecting it.

2) Set the preferences.

In this section we are only going to talk about the settings that are common to all Elements : 

First of all, to do any action on an Element, click on it to select it. A selected Element has a blue dashed border. On the bottom left of the screen you can find the properties space.

In the Properties space (bottom left) you can see :

  • Color
  • Choose a color to change the background of the Element. All the other components of the Element will be adapted to the background. So you choose more a color set than just a background. 
  • Transparency
  • Just define the alpha transparency of the background (slide to change it).
  • Height
  • Slide to change the height of the selected Element.
  • Label (not for all Elements)
  • Just set the label of the Element