PDF export

PDF export.

I'm going to improvise. Listen, there's something you should know about me... about inception.

The PDF is a good way to share your Collection with other people. Ouistee offers the possibility to export all the Collection or a juste a selection of it.

1) Go to the Data Mode and Click on the button « Export » (into the top toolbar).

This lead you to the export panel.

2) At the bottom right, you can choose the kind of export you want.

In our case choose « pdf » (By default the « pdf » option is selected).

3) On the top right, your can choose the « Export from » option.

It defines if you want to use the current Card, the one that is currently displayed in the Data Mode, or the « current selection ». The Current Selection could be the entire Collection or the current search selection (if a search is in pending from the List View).

4) On the main space fill all the text fields : 

  • File name (mandatory)
  • Will be the name of the file. By default it is the name of the Collection. Enter myExport to get myExport.pdf
  • Where to save the file (mandatory)
  • Choose here a place on your computer to save the export.
  • Author
  • Will be displayed on the cover page.
  • Title
  • By default it is the name of the Collection. 
  • Subject
  • Enter here a description that will appears on the cover page. By default it is the description you entered for your Collection in the Dashboard.
  • Add a cover page
  • Will add a first page with the tile, the Author and the subject.

5) Now your are ready to export your data.

Click on « Save PDF to disk ». After a process time (can take time depending on the size of your export) the new document will appears on the place you choose.

It is very quick to export a PDF document from your Collection, with a minimum of settings. Now your can share it using any tools like emails or messaging.