Ouistee. Your personal data jukebox, for Mac and iPad.

Keep track of your data as faster as you never did before.

Easy to build user interface.

Drop the user interface elements into the wysiwyg editor.

Plenty of User interface elements available.

All the elements works out of the box.

Hot build and play.

Use directly your interface to enter your data into the data mode. Update at any time the structure back to the wysiwyg editor.

Powerful Categories management.

Sort, classify, search and organise your data automatically in categories and sub categories.

Advanced import export. *

Create new projects from CSV file, full PDF export and more...

Easy file attachment. *

Include or just link all kind of files to your Collections.

Quick full text search.

Spotlight any data from any word.

Strong backup.

Archive and unarchive all your databases into a single portable file.

Create Templates. *

This is a good way to keep a reusable version of your Collection.


Synchronize your Mac and your iPad over your local network.

* Features available in Ouistee Plus in app purchase.

Pour gérer simplement des données et informations.

Vous et Votre Mac


Une gestion de bases de données simple.



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